Jacinta from the laminated cotton shop at work in Melbourne


My name is Jacinta and I run The Laminated Cotton Shop alongside my small team (talented local women helping me out in school hours). We design and make products  in my Melbourne studio. Most days you can find me there.

People often refer to me as the shower cap lady, the good snack bag stall or my nickname, Jac. The aim of Laminated Cotton Shop is to make products people can use, wash and reuse instead of buying disposable stuff.

The things I’m most passionate about are reducing waste and supporting Australian made. When I’m not busy these days you can find me online shopping, brunching and watching too much true crime on Netflix

As a business owner I’ve been honoured by holding a Top Rated Ebay Plus seller status and being labelled a Star Seller on Etsy. The best honour is hearing all the feedback from Etsy, Ebay , Google and on my own website right here. Browse the store and see what you think. Its a crazy fun adventure running The Laminated Cotton Shop.

I’m still sure despite the difficult experience of living through the Melbourne lockdowns, there are better times to come as we work towards a solid 2022 with our small family business…and I’m so glad to be back in person at markets in events.

cheers Jacinta

The Story

This was never meant to be a business. I was trained as a CPA but after having my boys it was tricky to find a real job that made money after childcare and parking. On a trip to the USA in 2012 I came across a highchair mat that was waterproof and washable. When we got home I couldn’t buy anything like it in Australia.

So the research started. I learnt about Laminated Cotton, how to get it and how to sew with it. The first products were basic mats to replace plastic drop cloths I had under my sons highchair. I thought making laminated cotton mats would be a nice hobby that helped people replace disposable plastics at home. Turns out that was a popular problem.

Fast forward to 2022 I’ve been fortunate to set up my own workshop with industrial sewing equipment and amazing women to work with. The Laminated Cotton Shop will always be about waterproof and washable products to replace disposable plastics but now I get to make it a job and create work for others too.

Thankyou for visiting and checking out what The Laminated Cotton Shop is about.