How to make your hair colour last longer

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Do you get your hair coloured? Want to make your hair colour last longer in between salon visits? If you are covering greys, or just like getting your hair colour done here are some easy ways we have found will protect your hair style for longer …

Wash your hair with colour protecting shampoo

I know this is a basic one but if you can’t get to the hairdresser its not the time to experiment with shampoos and hair goop at the back of the cupboard. When you are doing your essential grocery shop throw a shampoo in your trolley that specifically protects hair colour. We found a list of top supermarket brands of colour protecting shampoo from the girls at Mamamia here.

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Check if your local salon sells hair care products online.

OR if you can support smaller businesses see if your local hairdresser sells shampoo online. That way you can support small business and protect your hair from home. Even if your salon doesn’t have an online store it might be worth sending them a message in case you can place an order over the phone.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Every time you wash your hair your colour can fade a little. Even with the best shampoo it makes sense that washing your hair strips your hair of oils and some colour. If you want colour to last longer don’t wash your hair every single day.

Most hairdressers recommend you wash your hair every few days. And you could even try a dry shampoo on the days between washes. All of this will slow down the rate of hair colour fading.

Protect you hair in between washes

Protect your hair when you aren’t washing it. Don’t let hot water and bath products fade your hair colour in between washes. A good shower cap is a very practical investment.

A shower cap is great for protecting your hair in the shower from steam and moisture. There are lots of shower caps on the market but we think a waterproof shower cap that you can machine wash is the best option. This type of cap keeps your hair dry even if you are directly under the shower head. And its easy to clean.

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Laminated Cotton shower caps protect hair in between washes

Regularly machine washing your shower cap makes it protect your hair better because it will be free from hair oils, bacteria and smells that can build up after several wears. If you can get a waterproof shower cap with a natural cotton inner it also means your hair and scalp can breathe better. Wearing Natural cotton against your scalp can also avoid skin irritations. We highly recommend Laminated Cotton Shower Caps for premium hair and scalp protection in the bathroom.

So in between salon visits you can help protect your hair colour by washing your hair less frequently, using colour protecting shampoo and wearing a shower cap in between washes.