Splash Mat Large 1.5mx1m


Splash mat Large size 1.5mx1m

Listing is for 1 larger size splash mat. Select your print

waterproof drop cloth to catch mess or use as a tablecloth

Waterproof , Machine Washable and tough






Splash Mat large 1.5mx1m made bigger to catch more mess
Fits under a highchair or over a kids table.
Longer size gives more coverage
Reusable alternative to disposable plastic mats.
Easy to clean. Just machine wash or wipe clean.
Fast drying on the line or over the back of a chair.
Great gift for babies, toddlers and kids who craft
Printed side is smooth and waterproof . Underside is strong cotton
Will take repeated washings
Made in Australia

Additional information

large splash mat colours

raindrops, ladybirds, monkeys, black and white polka dots, butterfly flowers (organic cotton), sharks, sprinkles, mermaids