What is Laminated Cotton?

laminated cotton fabrics

Laminated Cotton is a waterproof fabric that is soft, lightweight but really strong. This fabric is a polyurethane laminate that is fused into a high quality cotton fabric so that the end result is a waterproof, soft and drapy material that is pretty tough. The fabric is shiny on the printed side and soft cotton on the plain underside. The laminated cottons we use are PVC free, BPA free , lead and phthalate free. They are also CPSIA compliant which is a standard fabrics should meet in the US to be child safe.

Why Is Laminated Cotton Special?

Because you can machine wash it and use it many times over . This makes it a reusable alternative to disposable soft plastics. We aim to make everyday items that would normally be disposable. For example shower caps , toothbrush holders, splash mats and aprons. We don’t just take pride in our products, we also think it’s very important our laminated cotton homewares are high quality, long lasting alternatives to disposable stuff. 

Recently we have also started to source water based urethane laminates. These are laminated cottons with a matte finish. They wash and wear exactly the same and are biodegradable. Lately we have been working with matte laminates from the US based Splash Fabrics .  Splash describes matte laminate as “buttery soft to the touch”. Products made from matte laminates are labelled as having a matte finish on our website.

Where does Laminated Cotton Come from?

Jacinta From The Laminated Cotton Shop
Waterproof Homewares made in Melbourne

The fabric is generally sourced from the US, Japan and Korea. The top fabric houses we purchase from include Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman and Cloud 9 Fabrics   Laminated Cotton is a specialty fabric and we only purchase from well known and trusted suppliers. The quality and certification of the fabrics we buy is important to us.

Getting Laminated Cotton Fabric in Australia

At the moment we don’t sell laminated fabric by the metre because it is very difficult to source in Australia.  For small quantities of laminates you are best to check out online fabric stores. At the moment we bring in very specific shipments of laminated cotton based on exchange rates, supplier relationships, shipping container sizes, mill lead times and the mood our accountant is in.  This means when a print is gone , its gone. We hope to one day be able to sell fabric for all the home sewing customers out there. In the meantime we are committed to making  useful , handy , practical products with laminated cotton at the most reasonable pricing we can.