3 reasons why a good kids shower cap is super useful

Most customers come to us at The Laminated Cotton Shop thinking shower caps are just for girls with long hair…..I just want to set the record straight and explain why Shower caps made for kids aren’t just for keeping hair dry and they are just as practical for boys with short hair too. Read on for why a good quality kids shower cap is a useful tool to have handy.

Kids shower caps protect scalps in between hair washes

1 Shower Caps Protect Kids Scalp

The skin on kids scalps is the same as the skin on their face. So that means you need to treat it gently. Kids and adults don’t need to wash their hair everyday. In fact it can be irritating to more sensitive scalps to use shampoo daily. So if your child has dry skin conditions, it can be a handy idea to use a shower cap to give kids scalp a break from soap suds in between washes. Putting a shower cap on can be a physical reminder to kids to just leave soapy water out of their hair this bath or shower time.

We recommend using a waterproof fabric shower cap for protecting kids scalps. Definitely check out kids shower caps with a premium cotton inner that won’t sweat

Shower caps for kids should be able to cover ears

2- Cover Kids Ears

Ear infections and issues are just so common in kids. And we all know when these things happen you have to do your best to make sure kids don’t get water in their ears, which is very difficult at bath time. Especially for under 5s! A good shower cap for kids should be able to gently stretch over children’s ears to cover them without hurting. Laminated cotton Shower caps have ribbed elastic sewn in with stretches easily but still keeps its shape after use. That means you can stretch the cap to go over kids ears to help keep water away from their ears but it will still fit as normal afterwards.

Good quality elastic in a shower cap means it will stretch to fit kids as they grow and last longer. For a better fit of children’s cap, check if the shower cap specifies what age range it is for. That means it’s been designed and reviewed to fit kids. You can find caps for kids aged 2-8 here.

Shower cap for kids keeps hair out the way

3- Kids Caps Keep hair out of the way

For the times you need to keep kids hair out the way but a regular hair band won’t cut it.. OR you have boys that refuse to go near a hair band… the answer is a kids size shower cap.
For drama or dance performances you can get kids face paint done with less mess if you have a shower cap keeping kids hair out the way. Same deal if you are getting kids faces painted for a dress up or costume day . Pop that cap on your kids and no hair can get caught up while you’re getting them ready.

Not just for keeping hair dry. Kids shower caps are a useful hair care tool for families and we think they make a great gift too. Just look out for a cap that is made of gentle fabrics that are kid friendly and comfy to wear.