Shower Cap Sizes. What fits me?

shower cap sizes

Did you know shower caps come in different sizes. If you’re looking for a shower cap that fits well you might ask the following:

1- what’s the difference between shower cap sizes?

2. what size shower cap do I need?

This is your guide to the 3 common sizes of  shower caps. These are the 3 sizes we design, make and sell from our Melbourne workroom. They’re all made to be quite different in fit.  Shower caps can all look the same in online store pictures and in the packet in retail stores, so it can be hard to know what size you should go for.

Please note. Because shower caps are made from round fabric pieces, A small difference in the fabric used to make a cap can make a big difference in how it fits. (its a math thing) Here’s our take on the best shower cap sizes for different needs

1- Kids Size Shower Caps

The smallest shower cap we make is the kid’s size. We recommend this for children aged 2-8 . This cap is made to fit kid’s heads (without being too tight) because it is made with a firmer elastic and a smaller fit than the adult size caps . See more about why Kids shower caps are so handy here.

The technical size is of the kids cap 40cm in diamater. As a rule of thumb this means the childrens cap will fit kids who are under 8 years old. Every child is different so while kids can grow out of this size by late primary school we also have customers who fit the kids shower cap into their teens.

We recommend that toddler and primary school age kids should fit a kids shower cap and upper primary kids should look at the adult size especially if they have long, thick or curly hair. 

When Kids shower caps fit Adults

If you’re an adult and you feel you want a tighter, smaller cap, because you’ve got quite short hair and you want something more fitted, then we would suggest you try the kids cap. We have some adult customers that prefer the kids size of cap but they generally will have a very short hair style and want the cap to fit closely .

Kid size shower caps . Made in Melbourne Australia by The Laminated Cotton Shop

2- Adult Size Shower Caps 

The adult size shower cap is our most popular cap. It has been designed and made to fit most regular adult hairstyles. We make our caps right here in Melbourne Australia and have tested them on real people. It’s basically taken years of feedback to develop our best selling size. While we understand everyone is different, we believe a waterproof fabric shower cap made with a 45cm diameter fits the majority of grown ups. See more reasons why a good shower cap is so useful here

A good adult shower cap (like these laminated cotton ones) should easily stretch to fit longer shoulder length hair. Adult size shower caps should also fit short hair firmly while still having extra fabric room for hair growth. The idea is the elastic used in the shower caps should be hardy enough to keep its shape no matter what head width or hair length you have (we’re talking about hair that’s not past your back)

 For hairstyles that run below the waist we recommend using an extral large shower cap instead. (scroll down to read about the XL shower cap size)

Shower caps made in Australia from Laminated Cotton . Adult size shower cap is made to fit most hairstyles

3 – Extra Large shower caps

The XL cap or dreadlock size cap is the biggest shower cap we make. Also called the big hair shower cap because it’s  got so much room in it ( especially good for dreadlocks) this size is also good for weaves , afros and braids. Also consider this cap if you have thick curly hair that is fairly long.

The technical size of the XL cap made here at laminated cotton shop is 65cm in diameter. Basically this means it’s perfect if you want a shower cap to properly protect big hair styles. . 

We understand if you have a bigger hairstyle, a lot of work goes into maintaining that. XL size caps are made to fit dreads properly to make sure you keep your hair dry when you’re in the bathroom. A stronger fabric like laminated cotton also means the caps wont rip or tear if you have a hair style that is stiff (like mature dreads) so we recommend the XL cap even if you have new dreads because you will be able to grow into it over time.

While the Extra Large shower cap idea is much bigger in size, the elastic is still around the same fit as the adult size cap because we’re making these for real humans to wear. XL size shower caps need to have a strong ribbed elastic so they will take being stretched right out to get over your locs and still fit nicely around your hairline.   That way you have a shower cap that keeps its shape and fit for a long time.

dreadlock showeer caps and XL shower caps made in Australia
IXL shower caps and Dreadlock shower cap size for big hair

If you still need help choosing the right fit

While this is a general guide to shower cap sizes. You may have a specific query we haven’t covered. If you still need help choosing the right shower cap fit for you after looking at this guide you can contact us at Just let us know the length of your hair from the top of your scalp and the measurement around your head from ear to ear and we can help you find the best fit.

If this article has helped you pick the right shower cap size for you. You can also Shop the Range of Laminated Cotton Shop Shower Caps here.