4 ways a good shower cap is a hair care essential

shower cap beauty essential

It’s the best looking uncool thing you can have in your beauty kit. The humble Shower Cap. Did you know a good shower cap is seriously the most underrated hair care essential? When you think about it, that makes no sense because the one hair product that protects and covers your hair physically should be […]

Top 3 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids. Made with pantry ingredients

kids messy play ideas

Our top 3 easy kids craft ideas to keep preschoolers busy. These messy play recipes are made with just 3 pantry ingredients from the supermarket. So roll out a messy mat, and get started! The slime, snow and water beads recipes below are non toxic, easy and cheap to make at home. Plus early childhood […]

Hi and Welcome

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. I’m Jacinta from The Laminated Cotton Shop. This website has been a few months (hmm ok maybe years) in the making. The Laminated Cotton Shop has been around for about 4 years now and you can find out stuff on Ebay, Etsy, Trade Me. This is our new wordpress site […]