Waterproof Fabric FAQ

What is Laminated Cotton?

Laminated Cotton is cotton fabric that has a polyurethane laminate coating fused into it. The fabric is waterproof on the printed shiny side. Laminated cotton is a soft, pliable and lightweight material. High quality laminates can be machine washed and are BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free. This fabric can also be known as slicker. You can also find laminated cottons with a water based urethane coating and some laminates are made with organic cotton. 
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What is ProCare fabric?

Procare is a waterproof barrier fabric that is from a US manufacturer Wazoodle. This patented and proprietary fabric is classed as food safe and medical grade. Procare can be machine washed many times over and is very durable. The fabric is food safe because it doesn’t leave any fibre or residue on foods and doesn’t react to foods. Procare is ideal for lining snack bags and food storage bags. All Laminated Cotton Shop snack bags are lined with Procare fabric

What is Chalkboard Fabric?

Chalkboard fabric is a waterproof fabric that like its name can be used like a chalkboard and is also known as chalk cloth. This material is waterproof and usually has a black finish. The fabric is strong and flexible and while it can crease these creases drop out and soften in sunlight. Chalkboard fabric can be drawn on with any brand of chalk and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or cleaned with a chalk duster. Chalkboard fabric is lightweight and foldable and can be rolled up for travel and storage.

What is Insul Shine Insulated Fabric ?

Insul Shine is a proprietary and patented fabric made by The Warm Company. This is an insulation fabric that is waterproof on one side and can be washed. This material is great for lining lunch bags and has many other applications. Insul Shine has reflective polyester on one side and has soft wadding on the other. The fabric is soft and pliable to sew with and can be used as a lining on its own.